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Lima News: Give Latta Another Term in Congress

Lima News: Give Latta Another Term in Congress

Bob Latta has a clear understanding of the issues that matter in the 5th District. That’s what makes him the obvious choice for voters for a fifth term.

The 5th District is a largely rural district, including Hardin, Putnam and Van Wert counties. Latta, a Republican from Bowling Green, might be one of the most conservative members of Congress, but his beliefs adequately reflect the values of these conservative areas.

Latta has an eye toward the future.

He has been on the forefront of energy issues in his position of vice chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Communications and Technology.

He showed that with his leadership on the propane shortage last winter, when assorted federal rules kept an adequate supply of propane from getting to Ohio during the brutal winter, getting those rules reversed temporarily. He followed that up by introducing the Propane Supply and Security Act just last month, coordinating response efforts to prevent future shortages by tracking supplies better.

He’s also shown similar leadership in fighting for domestic energy production, a hot topic in an area with ethanol plants and plenty of corn to fuel them.

Democrat Robert Fry, a pastor near Toledo, is running on anti-abortion, pro-Second Amendment platform. But other than popular stances like that in the district, he hasn’t provided much substance to believe he’ll be a good voice for residents in Washington.

The same can be said for Eric Eberly, of Bowling Green, who is running as the Libertarian candidate. He’s running for the job again after finishing in third place two years ago, and we don’t expect much more from him this time around.

We look forward to another two years of Latta representing not just the 5th District but its values in Washington. He’s the right man for that job.

Please Note: The above appeared in The Lima News on October 31, 2014. Read the article online here.

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