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Lima News: Latta reflects sensibilities of 5th District

Lima News: Latta reflects sensibilities of 5th District

The best thing you can say about an incumbent congressman is he represents his people well.

That’s clearly the case for Bob Latta, the Republican from Bowling Green who represents the 5th District, which includes Hancock, Hardin, Putnam and Van Wert counties locally, as well as a portion of Mercer County.

His work and values match best with the people of his district, who chose the Republican congressman every election since 1939. That’s why we endorse him to keep the seat he’s held since 2007.

His Democratic challenger, James Neu Jr., wants to play the role of a common man running for office. He’s an autoworker and father promising not to become part of Washington’s elite. Still, his unwavering support for Bernie Sanders in the primary casts him as too liberal for the moderate Democrats in the district, who tend to be socially conservative.

Latta’s primary concerns, including the burdens of government overreaches, problems with the Affordable Care Act and the rising national debt, mirror that of the people living in his mostly rural district.

He supported these people in sponsoring legislation on protecting drinking water and guaranteeing access to propane during the coldest parts of winter.

Also consider the good work Latta’s done on his U.S. House committees, including the House Energy and Commerce Committee, working on the nation’s energy, telecommunications, environment, health care and interstate commerce policy. He stepped up repeatedly for his district’s interests.

He might not be as flashy as some congressmen, but that’s what makes the low-key Latta work and represent his constituents so well. He deserves another term to continue his good work.

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